Shmadow ( Steam Key / Region Free ) GLOBAL ROW

Inspired by “shmups" and shadows, Shmadow is a modern twin-stick side-scroller that nods to retro arcade gameplay. Use your light to blast through hidden enemies, unlock new powers, and rack up a high score before the darkness takes over. Upon destruction, bosses drop power-ups that correspond to their defenses.

These power-ups, used in combination with your customized starting ability, will help you fight the next threat that comes your way. Destroying bosses, dodging bullets, and the element of darkness create an action-packed experience that will put your speed, skill, and strategic thinking to the test!

★ Infinite gameplay: Fight your way through endless streams of deadlier enemies
★ 4 player local co-op: Recruit friends to help you beat back the darkness
★ 12 special weapons and power-ups
★ Leaderboards: crush your friends’ scores and beat players from around the globe
★ Original adaptive soundtrack
★ Full controller support: enjoy the game with controller of your choice
★ Three difficulty modes: play in casual, normal, or if you dare, nightmare mode

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Цена: 23.8 руб.

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