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Porcunipine is a couch multiplayer about balding porcupines fighting courageously for survival using their very last pointy quills.
The concept of the game is simple: You are a majestic and terribly violent porcunipine. You have one quill which you can shoot at your opponents. Once you shoot, you have to go and pick up that quill before you can shoot again. Your quill rebounds from walls and obstacles, and can kill you just as easily as it can kill your enemies.

FIGHT to the death with sharp needles of pain

COLLECT the skulls of your fallen enemies

JIGGLE your way around exciting arenas with unique special features

Challenge your friends in both the frantic Arena mode and the tense Last Man Standing mode
Make up for your lack of friends with a full multiplayer score-attack mode
Fully customisabe rounds that let you change the length and tactics of a match
Clever optional bots with human-like levels of assholeness
Full support for the Xbox 360 controller and other popular PC gamepads
5 different stages each with their own obstacles and graphical style, and a total of 30 arenas to battle in
Pick up and play gameplay - enjoy with even your most inept or drunk of friends

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