Дата публикации: 12.12.2020

Skyflower ( Steam Key / Region Free )

Fight your way to the top in this action-packed permanent death dungeon crawler!

In a world of desolation and despair, a wanderer looked up and saw the endless sky staring back down at him. He would make it there, no matter what it took. Endless variations of randomly generated worlds and enemies await!

Challenge minibosses, complete puzzles, and shoot everything on your path to the skies. Bullet-hell style bosses guard the ends of the levels, so be prepared for hundreds of bullets blanketing your screen. Kill enemies, charge forward, pick up upgrades, combo power-ups, then die and do it all over again.

One day, you will make it to the glorious sky that beckons out for you!


★ Randomly generated levels, items, enemies
★ RPG-style spell system with multiple trees
★ Different level kinds (dungeon, maze, paths), with minibosses and puzzles
★ Iterative upgrade system (each item adds on to the previous, binding of isaac style)
★ Bullet hell bosses with complex patterns
★ Online multiplayer

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