800 years ago, an alien species at the other side of our galaxy discovered that their sun in going supernova. They decided to move to other planets. However, space travel would require many too many ships and fuel. Also, many planets have inadequate atmosphere and some even host intelligent life that could become hostile to newcomers.

To solve these problems, they built robots that would reach the target planets, clear out any lifeforms that got in the way and seed the planet with plants that would alter the atmosphere and create habitable ecosystems. They sent small spaceships throughout the galaxy. Each one contained a portal device that would link the target world with their homeworld. The teleport link would be first used to transfer the seeder robots. When the planet is cleaned and transformed, aliens would use the portals to transfer themselves to safety.

The ship destined to Earth malfunctioned and crash landed in desolate part of pre-Columbian North America. Following a couple of earthquakes, the ship got buried deep underground and seemingly forgotten.

Fast forward to 21st century. What used to be an alien crash site is now a thriving skatepark that is about to be demolished. You and your friends are watching the construction crew tear down your favorite skating spot, when strange things start happening to the workers...
The Game
Seeders is a puzzle-platformer with tight and responsive controls and some really challenging puzzles. If you share my opinion that most recent games in the genre have been too easy on the puzzles - then this game is for you. This game will make you stop and think. You will think about the puzzles when you are away from the computer. The puzzles don´t have many moving parts, so it´s easy to combine them in your head. But the solution is rarely obvious and usually isn´t the first thing that comes to your mind.

The game engine allows you to experiment with the world and try different approaches until you find one that works. Some of the puzzles can be solved in multiple different ways. Checkpoints are abundant and it´s always easy to go for one more try. In the first chapter there are subtle clues in the environment like billboards or signs on walls that should give you hints.

single player adventure
local co-op with additional puzzles designed for two players
original soundtrack
support for various controllers
support for older graphics cards and computers
over 100 unique puzzles including switches, sensors, doors, elevators, movable blocks, lasers, mirrors, driving vehicles, flying a spaceship, manipulating gravity and your enemies

Players who want extra challenge can try to collect all the hats, which requires solving some optional difficult puzzles or solving the existing puzzles in different ways.
Controller support
Controllers are fully supported. Some standard ones like Xbox 360 controller work out of the box. All others can be configured within the game.

Single player game can be played with the keyboard or controller. Co-op requires at least one controller. Other multiplayer modes require 1-4 controllers, depending on number of players. Only one player can use the keyboard.

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