It is perhaps a decade into our future... Mankind´s future. The economies of the world have imploded. Governments have waged war on both their neighbors and their own citizens. There has been a complete collapse of society, order, infrastructure, and morality. Horrific weapons have scarred the earth and vaporized entire cities. Those who have not yet perished are forced to scavenge and struggle for survival. This is their new reality. Hordes of disfigured creatures hunt for food. Gangs of bandits rob, kill, and loot. You are but a dim flicker of light in a dark and dying world. This is the world of Waste Walkers.

Character Creation, Customization, & Progression
Skill System
Dynamic & Compelling Main Story
Open World
Huge City Map With Miles Of Land To Traverse & Over 120 Interior Areas To Enter & Explore Including A Metro System Under The City Which Is Almost As Large As The City Itself
Semi-Randomly Generated Gameplay
Chilling & Unique Atmosphere
Diverse & Realistic Characters
Realistic Hunger & Thirst System
Face Constant & Ever Evolving Challenges
Background Story & Fictional Lore
Decision System
Open Class System
Player-Managed Colony System
Arena Mini Game
Randomized Ambushes
Field Of View System
Randomized Music & Environmental Ambiance
Foraging, Hunting, Crafting & Scavenging
Light & Easy To Use Crafting System
Realistic Scavenging System
Totally Randomized Loot System
Beautifully Crafted Environments
Amazing Soundtrack
Stunning Sound Effects
Dozens of Different Enemies Including Mutants, Bandits, Wild Dogs, & More
Open Environments
Excellent Combat System
Full Mouse & Keyboard Support
Over 50 Side Quests
Random Events
Day/Night Cycle
Randomized Weather Patterns
Hundreds Of Choices For Equipment
Fully Equippable Characters
Countless Hours Of Gameplay
Large Amount Of Steam Achievements For Achievement Hunters & Completionists
Endless Replayability

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