Crater Maker ( Desura Key / Region Free )

Crater Maker brings us back to the glory days of gaming, putting you in the astronaut´s hot seat to tackle a daunting task: supply the universe! As a delivery pilot for Lightspeed Services, you will find yourself navigating your craft through the darkest reaches of space to ensure your customers receive their goods. Manage your fuel, find the quickest path to your destination, don´t tick off the aliens, and avoid asteroids and other obstacles to earn bonuses and achieve the ultimate in glory in SCENARIO MODE.

Still need more Crater Maker´s CHALLENGE MODE provides you the opportunity to put your abilities to the test as you explore an ever-expanding universe! Challenge Mode takes you beyond our solar system and into one of the five kabillion galaxies the universe has to offer. Find yourself landing on new planets, moons, asteroids, and space stations as you take a grand tour throughout a procedurally built final frontier!

Our latest addition, RETRO MODE, gives you the chance to play in Crater Maker´s challenging sandbox in a classically styled 2.5D mode. The unique difficulty of the other modes combined with the classic perspective makes for a rewarding experience that´s easy to learn and difficult to master.

We aren´t stopping there, as we´ll be releasing new single and multiplayer modes, including our scenario editor (our first step in mod support). You can setup up all the finer details of your own scenarios, right down to the gravity properties of each planet.

Implemented Features

★ Procedurally generated, seed based solar systems. No two rounds are the same, unless you want them to be!
★ Physics based, skill-dependent gameplay focusing on successfully guiding your lander to safety
★ Having multiple planets in a level means different gravity scales. Fly with caution!
★ Scenario Mode - Take on the role of delivery pilot for Lightspeed Services in our story scenario, or try out a player created campaign.
★ Challenge Mode - Pilot your lander through solar systems with increasing difficulty factors
★ Xbox Controller supported
★ Cross-Platform Support! Play on your PC, Mac, and Linux devices

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